My kid sister, affectionally known as Bug, came into town this week for her first big international  trip. I took her to the best neighborhood spot I know where she could fight jet lag and get acquainted with the delightful strangeness that Tokyo has to offer...

Located in Shinjuku, Calico Cat Cafe is one of the most popular places where foreigners and locals can be found sipping coffee, curling up with some Manga, and enjoying some intimate one on twenty action with various felines. 

Upon entering, patrons must surrender their shoes and handbags in exchange for access to a two story cat playground. The walls along the staircase are lined with shelves where sleepy cats take naps...

For just 300 yen, you can order a "cat snack" to lure the adorable cats in a little closer for some petting and snuggles....

The cafe hosts a wide variety of cat breeds including giant Maine Coons and Munchkin Cats. 

2014-07-25 13.37.49.jpg
2014-07-25 13.29.42.jpg

The cafe also hosts a wide variety of human visitors, including schoolgirls and salary men

If just petting the cats isn't entertaining enough, the cat cafe offers up cat toys and hats to dress up the most adorable cats in...

2014-07-25 14.02.32.jpg

Never dull, always weird, Cat Cafes are a must see while in Japan. 

Choose Your Own Adventure

The results are in! This week we finally got word from John's company about where in the world we will be living for the next four years...


These last months have been exciting and scary for me. Upon arriving here in Taipei, I found that I clammed up quite a bit and felt a little insecure about all of the changes in front of us. As happy and grateful as I am about this sudden change of course that our lives have taken, I also feel really nervous about what life will be like when I am no longer working and everything around us will feel so unfamiliar. I have found myself wondering what will happen if we regret our decision. What if we don't like where we are placed? How will our friendships change? How will our marriage change? What if? What if? What if?

I love and welcome change, but sometimes it takes me a while to find confidence in myself amid new people. It is one thing to go somewhere to explore, it is entirely different for me to go somewhere and try to build new relationships. I am pretty introverted and so pushing myself in that way is really difficult for me to do. 

After a few weeks of reflection and introspection, I have started to feel a lot better and more confident, but I would be lying if I said that we weren't starting to get a little antsy while waiting to hear where we will be placed. Having worked so hard last year so that we could move to Japan, we really needed to let go of that idea and be open to other places. Our world is full of so many fascinating cultures and gorgeous landscapes, it would be so shameful and sad to squander this great opportunity because we are disappointed.


Do you remember those fantastic Choose Your Own Adventure books that we all used to devour when we were growing up? For those of you that might not have had the pleasure, those interactive stories allowed the reader to role play and make decisions that would alter the course of the story.  Half of the outcome was determined by your choices and half of it was determined by unforeseen twists and turns that wouldn't be revealed unless you travelled that road. Sometimes the stories would end quickly and sometimes they would end spectacularly, but the best part was that if you didn't like where you ended up, you could always start over and have another chance!

My friend Ashley often reminds me that life is just a giant Choose Your Own Adventure story :) As long as we are daring and make courageous choices, life will usually unfold in really beautiful ways. And if things don't go the way we hoped, we can always just start over and try again.

I have often thought about all of that as I have patiently (and impatiently) awaited the news of where we will be going. It has helped me to relax and accept that what ever happens, it is how we embrace it all that will fill our lives up with joy and wonder. With that said, I was pretty excited to know something definitive when a little email showed up in John's inbox...

In the spirit of each of us choosing our own adventures, I wanted to take you on a little journey to discover what lies ahead for us. If you would like to find out you can click here ;)

 Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have! As always, love you beyond measure. 



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Hi Friends! Today marks the last day (I hope!) of my wintertime blues. The sun was shining and I went for a nice long walk through the Xinyi district of Taipei. I can't wait to check out some of the cool restaurants that I discovered today as John and I relish in our last two weeks in Taipei. Does anyone care to jump on a plane and come join us?!


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Love you all more than I know how to say. Keep it real :)